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Here at Beautiful Blooms we are dedicated to providing fresh, quality seeds. Our Annuals catalog enables you to view pictures of Annuals while looking for the type of Annuals that you are searching for. As you find the Annuals that you are looking for, you can simply select the quantity of seed packages you would like to order and add them to your cart. To view the items in your cart, simply click here to go to the Order Form page.

Tagetes erecta

I do love Marigolds.  They don't smell great but they sure do their part in keeping away some nasty critters.  Marigolds stand up to just about any weather, deer leave them alone, they keep blooming all summer... and they come in such bright vibrant colours. 

This one is from the solid yellow pictured.

Marigolds are great for companion planting as their strong scent can help keep pests away.

Product Overview:Annual

Height:about 15" / about 38 cm

Positioning:Full sun

Germination:Easy, germinates at warm

Price:$4.00 (50 seeds per package)

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Tagetes tenuifolia

Mexican Marigold or Signet Marigold

Lacy green foliage covered in small solid yellow blooms.  

Product Overview:Annual

Height:30+ cm

Positioning:Full sun to part shade

Germination:Easy, warm germinator

Price:$4.00 (100 seeds per package)

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Talinum paniculatum - Jewels of Opar

This is an interesting little plant. Used in Chinese medicine and can also be used as a substitute for spinach (I eat it, makes a nice addition to a salad). Group many plants together in plantings, flowers bloom on airy stalks, they are small but are nice massed together, especially with the red bead-like buds and fruits. Bees love them.

I grow mine in a pot and bring it in for the winter.  I restarted my current plant when I moved here in 2015.  It doesn't skip a beat, growth does slow down some in my winter plant room, it stays green, blooming and happy as long as I water it once a month or so.  It's in a fairly large, deep pot.  

To date I have not noticed that my local critters eat it.  I've yet to see any bugs attack this plant, but I'm in zone 2b, may not be the same in higher zones?

Product Overview:Perennial Herb

Height:30 cm - 100 cm (12" - 40")

Positioning:prefers damp shade but can tolerate more light

Germination:Warm germinator, may require light

Price:$4.50 (50 seeds per package)

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