About Beautiful Blooms

Beautiful Blooms began operations in September 2001 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  We are now located north of Leslieville, Alberta, Canada.   If you look on the map we are slightly north of next to the middle of nowhere. It is beautiful up here!  Lots of room to garden and build.  A mere 20 minutes from Rocky Mountain House and the mountains are right there.  

Beautiful Blooms came about because I LOVE seeds, and even more, I LOVE growing plants from seeds.  When the opportunity presented itself, well, Beautiful Blooms sprouted.

Our Gardens

Well, closer to the mountains.....   Too many moves in the past couple of years.  I am now leaning more and more to Alberta native plants as the garden is rebuilt.  I am so grateful for seed, because no matter what happens I can always rebuild from seed.  

A large variety of seed is offered, and the list grows year by year.  Seed for annuals, biennials, perennials, bulbs and grasses is available. 

Seed is hand picked at its prime, mostly from plants that I cultivate myself, every seed is cleaned, inspected, and tested so that you will only receive the best seed I have to offer.  Being a smaller seeds company, I am dedicated to providing quality, fresh seed at a reasonable price.  Seed is replaced each year so that only the freshest seed is offered.  Seed is not out sourced at all so that quality control is, well, controlled.

Wild collected seed is collected as soon as it is ripe.  Sometimes this means going back to the same area a few times.  Some of these areas are close by, and some are day trips.  My original dryas collecting spot is 171 km from my door, since then I've found it closer, much closer, but not like that particular spot where there is an acre of it!  To see that carpet of dryas seed is really cool.

Although the seed is not certified organic, I practice organic methods.  I refuse to use pesticides or chemicals of any sort in the gardens, EVER.   

Plant a seed and grow with us.  Making the planet greener, one seed at a time.

All photos are the property of Beautiful Blooms and may not be used without prior permission.

* Per package seed count is the minimum seed count, unless stock is getting low, you will get more than what is listed.