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Here at Beautiful Blooms we are dedicated to providing fresh, quality seeds. Our Herbs catalog enables you to view pictures of Herbs while looking for the type of Herbs that you are searching for. As you find the Herbs that you are looking for, you can simply select the quantity of seed packages you would like to order and add them to your cart. To view the items in your cart, simply click here to go to the Order Form page.

Anethum graveolens - Dill

Why dill?  I love dill, it will be in every garden I ever have.  Not only for its culinary uses, but also for its medicinal benefits.  Research it, it's good for you.  


Product Overview:Annual Herb

Height:60 cm +

Positioning:Full sun

Germination:Easy, warm germinator

Price:$2.50 (100 seeds per package)

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Coriandrum sativum - Cilantro

Love it or hate it, it's an awesome herb to consume.  Helps to move heavy metals out of the body.  Look it up, proven.

Product Overview:Herbs

Height:30+ cm

Positioning:Full sun

Germination:Easy, germinates at warm

Price:$2.50 (40 seeds per package)

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Mentha arvensis

Wild Mint

I had never thought to collect seed from wild mint, it's weedy, can be invasive if allowed or in the right conditions, but then I started getting requests for it.  So here it is.  

The cons of wild mint are listed above, the pros are that it makes a wonderful soothing tea, you can use the fresh leaves in so many dishes, adding wild mint leaves to water in the summer is so refreshing, and it does smell divine.

Wild mint, I have some in a pot, it grows out the bottom of the pot, the mint survives the winter in the pot.  It loves to ramble through the flower beds, it's easy to identify and pull out.  When you start to pull it out you'll see the long runners, but again Wild Mint redeems itself as soon as you consume it.

Product Overview:Perennial Herb

Height:about 15" / about 38 cm

Positioning:Full sun

Germination:Easy, germinates at warm

Price:$4.00 (50 seeds per package)

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Myrrhis odorata

Sweet Cicely  

This is an herb but makes a welcome addition to any flower garden.  I've always placed it where I'm able to run my fingers through the ferny foliage or nip a bit off to smell and chew.  Even the seeds smell like licorice.  Wonderful aromatic plant.

As long as you sow the seeds in the fall, where they are to grow, I've yet to not have them germinate at 100%.

 All parts of this plant are edible.  The ripening seeds taste like Licorice Allsorts,  Yum.  Still researching on how this can be used as a sweetener, if anyone knows please give me a shout.

Product Overview:Perennial Herb

Height:up to 1 m

Positioning:Full sun to part shade

Germination:Short viability, must be sown immediately

Price:$4.00 (15 seeds per package)

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Ocimum basilicum 'Cinnamon'

Cinnamon Basil / Mexican Spice Basil


Product Overview:Herb

Height:about 30 cm

Positioning:Full sun


Price:$2.50 (25 seeds per package)

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Ocimum tenuiflorum (syn. O. sanctum) Holy Basil or Tulsi


This is one herb that my home will never be without. Wonderful licorice flavor and scent. The flavor and scent are good enough reason to grow this basil, the bonus is the effect of this herb. New Chapter produces this in a gel cap form and one can buy it at any health store or at Planet Organic. "Holy Basil, has for thousands of years been revered as 'Tulsi' in Ayurvedic medicine. 'Tulsi' means 'The Incomparable One', which is the reality of this majestic herb. ........ 'Holy Basil delivers nutrients to the mind necessary for the experience of enlightenment.' If you are experiencing stress in your life, take Holy Basil. I highly recommend it. I've found that the home grown plant delivers the same effects as the pill form. If you need more information I urge you to read up on this incredible herb, or contact me, I can not say enough good about this herb.

Product Overview:Annual or House plant

Height:Under 30 cm (12")

Positioning:Full sun

Germination:Requires light and humidity to germinate

Price:$0.00 (25 seeds per package)

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