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Here at Beautiful Blooms we are dedicated to providing fresh, quality seeds. Our Bulbs catalog enables you to view pictures of Bulbs while looking for the type of Bulbs that you are searching for. As you find the Bulbs that you are looking for, you can simply select the quantity of seed packages you would like to order and add them to your cart. To view the items in your cart, simply click here to go to the Order Form page.

Allium hollandicum 'Purple Sensation'

Allium Purple Sensation

Huge purple balls of blooms, as big if not bigger than a soft ball.  Deer proof!

Product Overview:Bulbs

Height:90 cm

Positioning:Full sun to part shade

Price:$4.00 (25 seeds per package)

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Lilium philadelphicum

When you see hundreds of these growing along the tree line in central Alberta it just about takes your breath away.  Some make it down into the ditches but they are mowed down along with all the other wild flowers.  Shame.

These lilies can be a bit tricky to get established in the garden but worth the effort.

Product Overview:Bulb

Height:15-30cm (6-12")

Positioning:Full sun to part shade

Germination:Germinates best at cool temperatures

Price:$3.00 (20 seeds per package)

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